Being Mellow and Over-Romantic itu Bukan Kutukan.

A half of…

Posted on: Januari 20, 2013

Why are you being so strange?
Of course you are
But from that day on,
You know which day

Are you afraid that you might hurt my feelings?
Since when did you become so caring?

Whatever happened between us
Just happened
Dont worry, i am not like your other ones who stick to you like glue
And you are always running away from them

I have no problems with whatever happened between us
So no problems
Just be the same person you were

Why are you so serious?

Dude, you freaked the living daylights out of me bacause the way you behaved

Then why this emotional slip up ?
If i slip again, i’ll be dead!
Now, dont cry, please
I’m not foolish

Everyone makes mistakes…
Delete the mistake and move on..

Everything is allright, love and friendship do not go hand in hand
Just imagine if love were to come between friendship
Everything would’ve been lost

So then, you happy, me happy.. ^^


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